Hydro Karbon

Pseudo Resistivity From Mud Log

  • What is HK Correlation Index?
    An index derived from Normalised Gas or Total Gas and ROP.
  • How does that work?
    A Psuedo Resistivity, which can replace real-time Resistivity recording for correlation and monitoring of well.
  • Can it replace Resistivity measurement?
  • How can one use it?
    For picking up casing point, coring point, correlation etc.
  • Will it work in all type of reservoirs?
    Yes , irrespective of formation, porosity, drilling rate and all which you can think of.
  • Will it work in Water and Oil based Mud?
    Yes. It is only an index and pattern remains same.
  • What about Low Resistivity reservoir?
    It will be the only tool which can pick up such a reservoir and contacts within it.
    It can pick up paleo contacts with the help of normal resistivity measurements.
    Cap Rocks.
    Non communicating layers in multiple reservoirs.
    Basement rocks.
    Fractured Basement, which are hydrocarbon bearing.
    Generate A Qualitative Resistivity Curve, where no wireline could be recorded or data missing.
  • What is the resolution?
    Depends on the interval in which Mud log data is acquired
  • How to validate?
    Check it with your own existing data.
  • Will it differ from the resistivity value in inclined wells or deep dipping beds?
    Yes, a lot. The tool will predict exactly what you have drilled through and not even an inch into the formation around.
  • Is it cost effective?
    You replaced it with LWD= $3000/per day for most of the use, such as monitoring the well, and guiding the well.
    Will not call TD of a well ,when you are in a fractured reservoir because of low ROP and missing out a hydrocarbon pool $ MM?
    A TOOL which will not be Lost in HOLE =$ M?
  • Pseudo Resistivity Vs Wire Line Resistivity